Stopping CAP water won't bring solution

Tucson lies in the middle of a desert.

That fact alone should tell us we're lucky to even have water, whether it's the hated Central Arizona Project stuff or not. Water is a precious resource to all of us and we should appreciate all that we've got.

Today we will vote whether to temporarily ban CAP water which nobody seems to want that is, nobody except neighboring states.

Undoubtedly there are many problems with CAP water, too many to go into here. There are also many, equally confusing, solutions being offered.

Proposition 200 suggests that we put off bringing CAP water into our homes for at least five years and use only ground water for the time being. It's an immediate solution, but not a permanent one.

Every problem facing the city, state and nation has a quick and easy solution. That doesn't mean it is always the right one. Putting off bringing CAP water into our homes won't stop it from coming.

Tucson only has enough ground water to last another 30 years. CAP water came to our city because projections long ago showed that we need it.

There is still no clear answer to our water problems, but taking it out of the hands of our elected officials won't bring us a solution any sooner. It may, however, give others time to try to dip into our share.

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