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The following story, "Students grill administrators over 14-hour course load rule," appeared in the Oct. 26 edition of The Daily Texan, the University of Texas at Austin's student newspaper:

In the first of a possible series of meetings with College of Engineering administrators, students grilled deans about ramifications of the proposed 14-hour requirement for full-time undergraduates in the college.

About 75 students attended the student government-sponsored forum both to hear Herbert Woodson, dean of the College of Engineering, explain his support for the 14-hour proposal, and to voice concerns about the measure.

Concerns at the forum ranged from worries about increasing course loads in the college to individual complaints that the requirement would hurt students more than it would help.

The following story, "Mock plane crash tests emergency services," appeared in The Daily Collegian, Penn State University's student newspaper:

Red lights illuminated the sky of the University Park Airport last night as an emergency call came over the radio. The call reported the downing of a commuter plane involving at least 20 injured passengers.

To the emergency personnel who arrived at the scene, the dispatch was as urgent as any other call they could receive. But luckily, this time it was only a drill.

The disaster drill, which is required every three years by the Federal Aviation Administration, involved a mock airplane accident, hazardous materials release and 20 accident "victims."

The University's hazardous materials teams, area police, fire and ambulance departments and the Centre Community Hospital held the drill to test the capability of their emergency services.

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