Power Ranger robbery

The Associated Press

MESA A man in a Power Ranger mask robbed a restaurant with a squirt gun but was arrested minutes later with the help of an ex-cop.

John Lyons, an ex-manager of the Taco Bell that was robbed, was booked along with his alleged accomplice, Philip Marquis, on suspicion of armed robbery. Police recovered the money taken.

''This guy seemed more like your average armed robber than a genuine Power Ranger,'' police Sgt. Earle Lloyd said. ''And Power Rangers fight evil, right? This time, it was a fired cop who was the hero.''

James Rarey, who was a police officer until 1983, when he was dismissed for firing a blank in an April Fool's Day prank, spotted the fleeing suspects after hearing their description broadcast on a scanner in his car.

Guess? model hospitalized

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES Model and sometime actress Anna Nicole Smith was hospitalized for what her spokesman said was an adverse reaction to prescription drugs.

Smith, 27, was hospitalized Monday at an undisclosed Los Angeles area hospital, her publicist Tony Angellotti, said yesterday. He dismissed a report that she was hospitalized for a drug overdose.

''Ms. Smith has recently been suffering from a medical problem for which she had been taking a prescription medication. No further statement will be issued until Ms. Smith's condition is fully diagnosed,'' Angellotti said.

KNBC-TV said Smith was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, where she was hospitalized under the name Vicky Smith and was in serious condition in the intensive care unit.

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