People working, that's why lights are on


I just wanted to comment on what Mr. Jason Fields said in today's Wildcat ("Electricity, water wasted across campus," Nov. 7) about the lights being left on at night in Gould-Simpson building.

Many people in this building, and no doubt in buildings across campus, work irregular hours. There is no definite 8-5 in the Computer Science Department, which is on the 7th floor of Gould-Simpson. Many of the professors, grad students, and lab staff work late at night, on the weekends, early mornings . There is a very good reason for the lights to be on. People are working.

I do agree that there is lot of wasted water, electricity, and money on campus. Recently, part of Gould-Simpson was flooded by someone who left a water faucet on in a lab. That was not only a waste of water but of time, research and machinery. Also, while everyone was nice and toasty outside last month, we were freezing inside. The air conditioning hadn't been turned off yet, and wouldn't be for a few more weeks. Now that it's cooling off outside, we're actually warming up. Life on campus is always interesting!

The shutdown of the university at Christmas break doesn't accomplish much, really. I'm sorry, but saving $200,000 in two years of shutting down for a couple of days at Christmas does not impress me. It's just a few more dollars for someone at the top to spend, and it certainly isn't getting anyone I know I pay raise. Well, it might cover one bean counter's salary .

Margaret Newman


Computer Science Department

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