Cowgirls, Bob Fanning play Luna Loca

By Fen Hsiao

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Although I wasn't aware of any friends shedding tears over the closure of the

DPC, I was a little disappointed that there would no longer be a well known

place in Tucson for out-of-town bands to play. Since then, I've had to drag myself to the much dreaded town north of us to see the few good shows that have come through. However, a couple of months ago, I was jumping up and down when I heard the DPC Cafe, now known as Cafe Luna Loca, was going to be hosting a show for the Lazy Cowgirls.

Originally from the Midwest, the Lazy Cowgirls moved themselves to LA, the town they've become mostly associated with, in search of a better audience. After years spent pounding out classic punk rock music about heartbreak, disappointment, and rock 'n' roll, these boys have been known in the scene for a long time. But don't expect them to dazzle you with looks and style (my best friend picked up their record once and asked why I had a Dire Straits album), because what they supply is simply some of the most pleasing punk rock you can demand. After a string of albums and singles, they recently released an album on Crypt Records (which I still need to get my hands on) that I hear is just as satisfying as the others.

Although the Fells aren't scheduled to open for the Cowgirls anymore, hopefully you can expect the never disappointing Zero Kings to show up for a few songs of fun, rockin' entertainment. Also, the newcomers usually referred to as The Bob Fanning Trio (although they are now a quartet), but sometimes known by such various titles as Sons of Satan or My Sister's Cunt, will be providing even more cranky punk rock attitude and pleasure. Consisting of ex-members of the Fells and Los Rip Offs, these boys have already secured a loyal following.

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