Union Club: back in business

By Raya Tahan

Arizona Daily Wildcat

After spending several semesters in limbo, the Student Union's Union Club Restaurant is open for good, said Carl Splitt, UA Food Services Manager.

The Restaurant re-opened on the first day of this semester after closing during the spring semester 1995 due to low customer counts, Splitt said.

"Business has been good," said Stephan Roseman, the Union Club's senior supervisor. "We have added some new menu items such as low-fat and vegetarian selections. We also kept the old, original things that people liked."

Large windows line the north and east walls of the restaurant, located on the east end of the top floor of Student Union. This, along with high ceilings, provides diners with a view of the Catalina Mountains and a spacious, relaxed atmosphere, Roseman said.

Splitt said, "It's our showpiece for campus guests. Not only is it a nice facility, but it provides UA students who work there with a training program for more upscale dining."

The Union Club is the only campus restaurant that provides table service rather than cafeteria-style lines. Roseman said the quality of food is higher there than at the other Student Union restaurants for about the same prices.

Union Club diner Carrie Martin, undeclared sophomore, said, "I think it's a nice alternative to the regular Union." She said she appreciates that the menu does not change on a daily basis.

"It's quieter," said Theodore Kay, finance junior. "You don't have to push and shove to get your food."

A soup and salad bar is available for $4.95. Seven sandwiches are offered, including grilled fresh eggplant and smoked turkey. Other entrees include beef, chicken or vegetarian fajitas. They average $5 in cost.

Within the Union Club is a smaller, slightly fancier restaurant called the Redington Room, serviced by the same kitchen staff as the Union Club, but having a separate menu. The eight entrees offered include sliced London broil, vegetarian lasagna and grilled chicken Caesar salad. They average $6.50 in cost.

A private dining room is also available for meetings and conferences.

"I think its great," Roseman said. "We serve the campus community of 50,000 students, faculty and staff."

"It's very accessible," Splitt said. "You don't have to get in your car and go off-campus. You can have a meeting-type luncheon for parties of six or more. That's a definite plus."

The Union Club originally opened 18 years ago, Splitt said, and has since undergone several concepts, Roseman said, including a buffet restaurant with salad, pasta and potato bars, and a menu board.

"Now it is back to what it was in the first place," he said. "It was changed for so long that we lost continuity."

Because business is better, Splitt said, the restaurant has now secured a place for itself. Possible expansions include balcony seating, dinner service and a Sunday Brunch.

Union Club hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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