Affirmative action creates separation


I just found a "Save Affirmative Action!" flyer posted in my dorm, encouraging a walkout by faculty and students on Friday, and it disappoints me.

Affirmative Action is a perfect example of how the racial lines between Americans are growing. In order for there to be complete racial equality among all people, we must first lose sight of our color and race and look at all people the same. However, programs such as Affirmative Action separate people through race and heritage by allowing certain ethnic groups privileges over others, which in itself is the purest form of racism. Giving another group more advantages due to race is a problem which is deep-seeded in our history and something we should try to get rid of, not encourage.

Affirmative Action is reverse discrimination. The idea that one person may be admitted into a university because of their race while others who may have done better in school are denied admittance is ridiculous. People should be accepted to universities by their academic, organizational and academic accomplishments, not because of the color of their skin.

F.Y.I., I also think it is interesting to note that two of the co-sponsors are communist organizations. If you don't understand that, well, if they had it their way you couldn't even walk out of class. A little ironic, eh?

James P. Tripodes

Political Science Freshman

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