Trial clouds reality of domestic abuse


While I applaud Paula Huff and her guest comment column, "Trial bad message for abuse victims" (Oct. 9), I feel that we all should place the Simpson trial behind us. I say this not because so many of us have grown weary of it over the course of the past year, but because it keeps us from seeing the many other aspects of our world to which we should be paying attention. It continues to crowd other news off the page and distorts the news that remains to fit its "reality" (e.g., spouse abuse is acceptable). It is almost impossible to hear of violence against women, especially when it occurs within the home, without it being cast in the light of O.J. and Nicole thus robbing those who address this important issue of the ability to take a proactive stance.

Ms. Huff noted in her column that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This coming week of October 15 through 21 we have the chance to show the abusers and their victims where society really stands in regard to this issue by participating in the YWCA's Week Without Violence program. The week is an opportunity to redirect our attention to resolve the violence we find both within our homes and our neighborhoods. It will conclude with a rally, march, and celebration hosted by Tucson Women Take Back the Night on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 21 (call 318-9309 for time and location). Please help keep the real message about domestic violence undistorted and out in front and leave the Juice on the shelf.

Mike Burkholder

Agriculture Alumnus and Nursing Senior

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