Low turnout result of poor advertising, planners say

By Hanh Quach

Arizona Daily Wildcat

When 600 students rallied on the Mall yesterday to protest in support of affirmative action programs, not everyone knew about the rally until the last moment.

"There was a miscommunication about who was planning it and who it was for," said G. Bruce Meyers, assistant dean for Native American Student Affairs (Chippewa/Cree).

"We didn't feel there was any American Indian involvement in planning the walkout and that it was aimed mainly at other minority groups ü primarily African-Americans and Chicanos," Meyers said.

Jenifer Nichols, freshman, said she was embarrassed that of the more than 35,000 people that attend the UA, only a small portion, an estimated 600 participants, showed up to support the cause.

"As far as students are concerned, much of the publicity was done through word of mouth and some flyers were distributed," said TomŽs Martinez, president of

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