Murder, not an 'accident'


"Murder charged after crash kills UA student" was the headline used by the Arizona Daily Star. "Student Killed, 4 Hurt in Accident" were your words.

I guess that having just lost a dear friend when a drunk driver murdered her in a car crash, I am particularly sensitive to the choice of the word "accident" in your headline. To choose to drink too much and then to drive is not an accident. It is unlawful and dangerous. Thadeaus A. Jones "caused the collision" (Daily Star) which resulted in the murder of Heather Dowd. $20,000 bond is a very small measure of the worth of a young woman in the prime of her life.

I hope for two things: 1) that the Wildcat will refer to such events as "collisions" or "crashes" (not "accidents"), and 2) that those who choose to drink will remember to travel with designated drivers and never get behind the wheel of a potential murder weapon.

Emily K. Morrison

APEX Assistant Director

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