Brady good, but White experienced


I am appalled at the lack of knowledge about college sports that were portrayed in Monday's Daily Wildcat. One letter and one article by your reporters called for Dan White's head on a platter, in exchange for the almighty Brady Batten. What these people obviously don't understand is college sports as a whole.

For one thing, the psyche of a college athlete is quite delicate. You can't just throw around a starting position to one guy one week and another guy the next. All this does is breed insecurity, which doesn't increase performance. Brady knows his role, and expects to remain in it, as does Dan.

Second, Dan White is a senior. No, this doesn't mean he "deserves" a spot in the starting rotation, but he does have experience. In game time, that makes a huge difference. OK, in the Cal game Brady did great, without that experience. And I agree he did. But his timidity as a sophomore was quite clear as he tucked the ball and ran, apparently out of plain fear. And did anyone notice that Dan hadn't even attempted a pass yet when he was injured? Brady attempted 18 (mostly short drops) in the first half. I would say Brady was just the beneficiary of better play calling.

Not to mention that Dan's numbers this year are great. He is in the top 25 in the nation in pass efficiency, with a completion percentage above 50 percent. What else could we ask for? Yeah . everyone wants him to run. Do you remember Ronald Veal? He ran. And we all called for his starting job. Remember how much you all complained about the option? I do, I was in the stands listening to it every game. Much like last Saturday when I heard chants of "Brady, Brady" while our starting QB was laying on the ground injured. What is wrong with you "fans"?

I believe it comes down to this. You as "fans" will never be satisfied with what players we have on the team. I would bet money that in two years I will hear chants of "Keith, Keith" as I watch Brady Batten quarterback. Root for the team, don't pretend you're a coach.

Matt Brown

Electrical and Computer Engineering Junior

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