By Kerri Ginis

Arizona Daily Wildcat

As the competition became more intense and the enthusiasm grew among participants, the purple team won the 16th annual Dorm Daze.

The four residence halls on the purple team were Hopi, Gila, La Paz, and Manzanita-Mohave.

"Dorm Daze is the annual Olympic-type contest among the 17 halls on campus," said Scott Bricker, vice president of programming for the Residence Hall Association.

This year's Dorm Daze was held from Oct. 5 through Oct. 14. The 17 residence halls were divided into four teams and categorized by four different colors; purple, red, green, and navy, Bricker said.

"Dorm Daze is a way to provide everybody in the residence halls with a big hall program," he said.

Throughout the 10 days, different competitions were held that the teams could compete in for points, Bricker said.

"I love the competition," said Catherine Heeter, an engineering sophomore. "It's a good way to get the camaraderie going throughout the dorms."

Team members competed in the events through sign-up sheets

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