'Wildcat' becomes sex forum


I picked up the Oct. 11 issue of the Wildcat (available to all ages of the public at UMC) and gulped! Granted, I hadn't read the Wildcat for some time, and not even regularly since I graduated in 1978, so maybe this issue is now the norm: two articles, one editorial comment and a "Sex Talk" quiz promoting homosexuality, a very pornographic women's clothing ad and a Student Health "Myth/Reality" ad stating that 84 percent of UA students having sexual intercourse last year had only one partner! Big deal! Is fornication now promoted if partners are limited?

"Out of it" I may be, but I fear the Wildcat has become a forum for an amoral contingent of students. I refuse to believe the majority agrees with this type of publishing! Please holler if I'm right!

Betty Bitgood

UA Graduate and Tucson Resident

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