Mall activities to honor U.N.'s 50th

By Amy Fredette

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Arizona Model United Nations will celebrate the United Nations' 50th anniversary next Tuesday through activities held on the UA Mall.

Throughout the school year, Arizona Model United Nations works to promote world issue awareness through the simulation of various U.N. committees.

The committees enable members to develop hands-on skills in parliamentary procedure and drafting resolutions.

Although the outcome of the discussions never reaches the U.N., they directly benefit participants.

"It's much more dynamic than reading about it in the paper or learning about it for a test," said Kean Bauman, director of Model U.N and fine arts junior. "It's kind of like the lab for a science or the art studio to an artist."

Bauman said that the different committees encourage students to compromise and cooperate while applying the knowledge of their country.

Group member A.J. Campani, a political science junior, said that he joined the group because he liked the idea of working with an organization that operates on an international level.

"It's a direct application of things that you learn in the classroom," Campani said.

Campani added that involvement with the group looks attractive on a resume because it demonstrates leadership and diplomacy skills.

Arizona Model U.N. holds an annual spring conference for high school students, enabling their involvement with world issues. This spring, seven committees will be simulated and one will be held entirely in Spanish.

"There are some people who say how dumb and unmotivated kids are," Bauman said. "There are a number of students who are really up on things."

Topics of discussion will include free trade in Mexico and Latin America, urbanization, AIDS, prevention of the spread of international terrorism and nuclear disarmament.

Between 20 and 30 high schools from all over Arizona and California will participate in the weekend event.

Bauman said that his group is working to involve students from New Mexico, Nevada and Mexico.

Representatives of the International Students Association and the United Nations Association will also be present at the ceremony on Oct. 24.

Arizona Model United Nations meets Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Social Sciences Building Room 101.

"The important point is that it's not necessarily pro-U.N. all the time," Bauman said. "It's certainly open to people who disagree."

The event on the Mall will feature guest speakers, musicians and the Tucson dance troop, Mama Ritmo.

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