What exactly is a 'Fiddlee Fig'?


As a new student to the University of Arizona, I am puzzled and frightened by the name of a certain restaurant on campus. I have eaten at restaurants with strange names in the past but none quite as strange as the Fiddlee Fig. One question plagues me "What exactly is a Fiddlee Fig?"

Just a mention of that name makes my skin curl. The one time I actually said it out loud, I could feel all the manhood I had slowly being sucked out of me and I almost passed out. In fact, people are so embarrassed to use the full name not that I blame them that they just call it the "Fig," and that only under their breath.

If the name wasn't torture enough, now we have to be reminded of it countless times on the newly-installed shade screens. Emblazoned in large letters is that horrible name a constant reminder of the mystery of the "Fiddlee Fig"

I have searched endlessly for the answer. I have looked in the dictionary without avail, and have asked everyone I know, but no one knows what the "Fiddlee Fig" means.

I assume it has something to do with a magician, because on the door there is the picture of a magician's wand, hat and gloves, surrounded by a fig tree, or something. But lets be honest, when is the last time you heard a magician say, "Now for my next trick I will pull a rabbit out of this fig tree!"

What is that all about?

This just adds more confusion to the already puzzling mystery. If anyone has an answer I would love to know.

Ben Rushlo

Computer Science Freshman

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