Events at end of Mall hazardous for cyclists


This is an appeal to Parking and Transportation, and to the student body as well. While I find the cultural displays on the west end of the Mall both fascinating and educational, I am disturbed by their interference with traffic flow.

When these events occur, students stand in the only lane accessible to bicycles, and force bicycles to ride through opposing traffic or come to a complete stop. This would not be so alarming, except for the fact that there is plenty of "lawn seating" available. In the midst of conversations and intent listeners, bicyclists come to screeching halts, often nearly avoiding collisions.

This situation is not only annoying but also hazardous. My appeal is that these events be supervised by Parking and Transportation. They are more than willing to give me a ticket for riding in pedestrian areas, and I expect equal respect for mine. The only other option is that my fellow students use their collegiate intellect to avoid standing in the middle of dangerous bicycle traffic.

Reesa Shiffman

Psychology Junior

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