Columnists turning 'Wildcat' into 'Playboy'


After reading the column by Eric T. Watkins ("Today, class, the importance of foreplay," Oct. 17), I was disappointed to realize that some people are taking their freedom of expression too far. I sincerely believe in the First Amendment, but I also would like to think that Christine Verges (the Editor-In-Chief of the Arizona Daily Wildcat) and her team have a moral responsibility toward the community of the University of Arizona.

There are many interesting issues which can be discussed by the columnists. Here are some examples:

From Martin Luther King to Louis Farrakhan: change of strategy or collapse of black leadership in America?

Clinton: how to walk the fine line between the left wing of the Democratic party and the moderates.

Feminists: can they fight for women's liberation without destroying the basic foundation of the family structure?

What's wrong with the world?

UA students and professors: who are they?

General Powell: who is he, and what does he want?

Tucson: the city of the University of Arizona.

How to fight addictions.

There are many other topics the Wildcat can discuss. Write whatever you want but please do not transform the only daily we have on campus into Playboy magazine.

Seydou Coulibaly

Ph.D. Candidate, Range Management

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