More Trouble: A compilation of crime reports from campuses around the U.S.

The following story, "Man pulls gun in fight at Shermer's," appeared in the Oct. 19 issue of The Daily Evergreen, Washington State University's student newspaper:

A disagreement inside Shermer's bar over which brand of snowmobile was better led to an altercation outside late Tuesday (Oct. 17) evening. Both parties involved were arrested.

Travis Fulfs was arrested for second degree assault and possession of a firearm in a prohibited place, a bar. The other suspect, Alan Kucera, was arrested on third degree assault and three outstanding warrants, all failure to appear in court warrants from Whitman and Benton Counties. Both suspects are 26-year-old Pullman (Wash.) residents.

One of the men, according to Fulfs' statement, presented an offer to fight to the other. The other, however, declined and when he later left, the first suspect followed him outside and said the two were going to fight.

Sgt. Sam Sorem, of the Pullman Police Department, said that witnesses saw the two men rolling around on the hood of a truck in the parking lot.

Sorem said that in Fulfs' statement, Fulfs said he pulled out the firearm, a 9mm pistol, in an effort to get Kucera off of him.

Sorem said neither man is a victim.

"In our eyes, they are both suspect," Sorem said.

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