Help needed for student in DUI tragedy


On Oct. 9, five University of Arizona students were involved in a fatal car "accident." I put the word "accident" in quotes because I have a problem calling an incident in which one irresponsible individual took the life of a young woman and injured four others an "accident."

Heather Ann Dowd was pronounced dead at the scene, and Tom Doyle is in critical condition at the University Medical Center. Those are very dry words to describe what happened that night. The lives of so many have been forever changed in the time it takes you and I to take a single breath.

Heather was, and Tom is a dear friend of mine. As much as I wish I could, there is not much I can do to change the past and bring Heather back. You and I can, however, help Tom in his time of need. I have opened up a public account at First Interstate Bank of Arizona to try and raise funds for Tom and his family. I am asking you to please help with anything you can afford. I realize most of you do not know Tom, but believe me when I tell you Tom would be the first in line to help others. That is just the type of person he is.

Finally, I will leave you with this thought. It could have been you or one of your loved ones who happened to be at that intersection on Oct. 9. I know it is not a pleasant thought, but maybe it will help you to begin to understand the pain Heather and Tom's families are going through right now. Thank you.

Erik D. Pence

University of Arizona Alumnus

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