'Wildcat' sex issues educational


I came to this university with the intent of gaining an education. By education, I don't confine myself to the purely academic rather, I embrace what I learn both in and out of the classroom. I therefore extol the Arizona Daily Wildcat for publishing material pertaining to sexual activity among students, for it merely serves to educate.

The writers who recently faulted the Wildcat ("'Wildcat' becomes sex forum," Oct. 18; "Paper leaves poor impression," Oct. 20) seem so morally staid that they fail to recognize the sexual occurrences which abound on this campus. Regardless of "moral correctness," sexual activity does take place between all combinations of gender. If the Wildcat, in addressing such "taboo" subjects as sex and homosexuality, helps students to make informed decisions, then its purpose shall be served. In terms of perverting children's perception of college life, movies such as "Animal House" and "Revenge of the Nerds" do far more damage than the Daily Wildcat.

Trevor Herdman

Classics and English Freshman

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