More Trouble: A compilation of crime reports from campuses around the U.S.

The following story, "UCD Police Department issues first batch of cards," appeared in the Oct. 18 issue of The California Aggie, the University of California at Davis's student newspaper:

Card collector enthusiasts have a new series to add to their holdings UC Davis Police Department "Cop Cards."

A program growing in popularity in police forces throughout California, Cop Cards serve as a communication tool between officers and the public.

So far, the premier edition of the cards, which feature a photo of an officer on the front and some biographical information, including an officer's "personal message" on the back, have received a positive reaction with the campus community, said UCD Police Chief Calvin Handy.

"Word of mouth has really spread the idea around out there," Handy said. "Officers are encouraged to carry the cards on them at all times, and they are pleased to do so. The cards are considered a basic piece of equipment, like a calling card."

The following item appeared in "Police Report" in the Oct. 20 edition of The State Press, Arizona State University's student newspaper:

A 30-year-old woman was arrested for prostitution, indecent exposure and possession of drug paraphernalia after propositioning an undercover officer. The officer picked the woman up at Apache Boulevard and McClintock Drive. She exposed her breasts to the officer and told him it would cost $20 for "head" and $40 for sex. Police later searched her and found a crack pipe and a scale.

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