Faulkner's actions destroyed tradition


The group effort on the editorial regarding the Citadel ("New cadets pick up Faulkner's battle," Sept. 28) was the most erroneous piece of "news" I have ever read. There is a reason for this event not getting much press. The rest of the world realizes that Shannon Faulkner's decision to attend the Citadel was the most disrespectful publicity stunt ever committed.

Here is an institution with a long-standing tradition that has not been disrupted for hundreds of years. Then, here comes good old Shannon, who decides out of all the military academies, she wants to attend one that's all male. There are several other academies available that are coed, why didn't she apply to them? Because then she would be just another cadet, and not receive all this media attention which you are contributing to.

This winter when applying for residence assignments I would have loved to lived in Gila, but I didn't. Perhaps this would have fulfilled many dreams, but it is simply moronic. Just the same with Shannon.

The men of the Citadel are perfectly justified in their attitude towards her and any other "trailblazers." This is a tradition, and she has destroyed it.

Unfortunately, most of our country's traditions are being blazed. Now, I must submit my transfer request to attend Wellesley, so I can be the first man to trailblaze.

Douglas Lipsky

Political Science Freshman

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