Police Beat

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Police responded to Sierra Residence Hall, 1557 E. Sixth St., early Friday morning after a Resident Assistant reported two irate males creating a disturbance.

When police arrived, officers found one of the subjects in a room. One of the subjects said the verbal altercation began after a female friend said she was sexually assaulted by the other subject. Both men are members of the University of Arizona football team.

The assault allegedly took place between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. in one of the males' rooms Thursday morning.

When police arrived to investigate the disturbance, she decided to report the assault, although police said she no longer wants to pursue charges against the man.

The female did not report the assault when it occurred because she went home and talked to a friend, unsure if she had actually been assaulted.

A woman reported being sexually assaulted by two men early Saturday morning.

The alleged assault occurred around 12:28 a.m. while the victim was walking to her car after visiting a relative at Gamma Phi Beta sorority house, 1535 E. First St.

She said two males approached her and made comments like, "Come here you fucking whore," "You fucking bitch," and "You sorority whore."

One of the men kept trying to kick the woman's legs out from under her. Then she said one of the men lifted her skirt and grabbed her crotch.

The men then let her go and she drove home and called police.

Police were called to University Medical Center Sunday to investigate an aggravated assault that occurred the previous night.

When an officer arrived at 4 p.m., he observed the victim's eyes swollen and discolored, and there was blood under the man's nose.

The victim said he had attended an off-campus dance with several other fraternities, but was intoxicated and missed his fraternity's bus back to campus.

He and his date took the Phi Gamma Delta bus, and when his date got off the bus, she entered the Phi Gamma Delta house, 1801 E. First St. When the victim went inside to find her, he was approached by three to five members who said he had to leave.

When the victim explained he was looking for his date, the members began cursing and physically removed him.

The victim did not remember the actual assault, and said he awoke in his residence hall room, being treated by friends. He could not recall how he got home.

A 19-year-old man was arrested Saturday night after he was seen breaking into a parked Jeep.

Omar Garcia, a Mexican national from Nogales, Sonora, was arrested after a witness identified him as the man he had seen breaking into the vehicle.

The witness heard breaking sounds coming from the parking lot at East Sixth Street and Euclid Avenue. The witness then saw two Hispanic males exit the rear of the Jeep. When the witness asked the men if the Jeep was theirs, they told him to "get the fuck out of here!"

The two subjects then left northeast, one on bike and one on foot, and started throwing rocks at the witness.

An officer who inspected the Jeep found the rear window opened, a pen-sized hole in the driver's side window, and fresh plastic splinters from a bolted down set of speakers.

Two other officers in a patrol car spotted a male fitting the description of one of the subjects riding a bicycle south on Euclid.

The officers told the man, later identified as Garcia, to stop. The man put his hand in his pocket, removed a "dark colored object," and threw it over a wall onto the property of Tucson High School, 400 N. Second Ave.

An officer climbed the wall and found a loaded .22-caliber handgun with the serial number defaced.

Garcia admitted to possessing the weapon and throwing it over the wall. He also said he was involved with the vehicle break-in, and the bike he was riding was stolen from the vehicle.

Garcia was charged with burglary, weapons misconduct, carrying a concealed weapon and assault. He was transported to Pima County Jail.

A student reported his 1993 Honda motorcycle was stolen Friday from the north side of East Fourth Street.

An unknown person caused an estimated $600 worth of damage to the Old Main fountain sometime Friday or Saturday.

Police have no suspects.

A Tucson Police Department officer riding a bicycle was hit from behind by a man in a wheelchair Friday.

The officer was riding westbound on East University Drive with another officer, both on police bicycles.

No one was injured. The rear wheel spokes, gears and rim of the officer's black Specialized Stump Jumper mountain bike were damaged. The damages are estimated at $140.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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