Turnout for foot, wheelchair race doubles under new name

By Cheryl Fogle

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Same game, different name.

Under the Push and Plod moniker in 1994, 50 runners and about 50 wheelchair racers turned out to support the Center for Disability Related Resources.

Saturday, the former Push and Plod now titled the Dick Tomey Pony Express attracted 150 runners and 50 wheelchair racers to the University of Arizona Mall, said Brian McCracken, director of the Associated Students with Disabilities.

Co-sponsored by Jim Click, who pushed himself in a manual wheelchair for the 10 kilometer race, the event raised money for the Center for Disability Related Resources.

McCracken said about $8,000 was raised, about the same as last year.

"I never practice," Click said. "It gets easier each year. It's a wonderful experience to be out there with so many disabled people who have such determination."

Wheelchair athletes raced in specially designed, three-wheeled chairs.

"Having the small wheel in the front center of the chair makes it easier to turn," said Richard Miller, UA media arts freshman. Miller's "candy-apple red" wheelchair can go 13 mph.

In previous years, the event was held at Wildcat Field on the UA track.

"Jim Click wanted this event to grow and get more exposure in the community, so he suggested a change in venue," said David Herr-Cardillo, director of the Dick Tomey Pony Express. "We made the event more like a real race with several divisions and a computerized system to keep track of time, and to attract more runners."

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