What was your reaction to the O.J. Simpson verdict?

"I think we're all gonna learn a lot about the judicial system with this case . I would have voted the same way. I don't think it was beyond a reasonable doubt."čDick Tomey, head football coach

"I think a lot of people were happy, a lot of people were upset ... I think a lot of the jury decision rested upon the authenticity of the way the data was gathered."čRobert Wrenn, professor of psychology

"The prosecution didn't have enough evidence to convince the jury ... Did he do the killing? Those people were brutally murdered. O.J. doesn't know how to kill anybody. Those were like gangster killings."čJesse Hargrove, assistant dean, African American student affairs

"I was surprised. I thought he would get the lesser charge, but I thought they would find him guilty."č Dan Adams, director of the Student Union

"I was surprised. I figured they'd find him guilty, but I agreed . you have to say beyond a reasonable doubt. They proved he wasn't a nice man. I think the jury did right."čCherie McCollum, secretary, social and behavioral science

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