Place academics in Union, not alcohol


I am a new transfer student to the UA. I have been reading several articles in the Wildcat recently which rather perturbed me, and I would like an opportunity to voice my opinion and comments via this letter.

In response to Gilbert Davidson's letter to the editor ("Bar idea just part of early Union planning," Sept. 27), I would like to refer him to the cartoon drawn by Chad Strawderman. It represents a very realistic and potential consequence of what would occur if the Planning Team for the new Student Union decided to sell alcohol on campus.

Drinking is a problem in all the campuses across the nation. The UA is no exception. If we make it even more accessible for the students to obtain alcohol, think about the effect. There will be a higher risk for increases in drunk driving and assaults by drunk students. On that I would utterly agree with Eric William Matlack. I am sure this will be of concern to both genders and should stir up some awareness for this issue. Why would it matter that other schools serve alcohol in their student unions? Ever heard of the lemming dilemma, Gilbert Davidson? And would it actually be an improvement or should it be considered an extraneous addition?

Why not use this Student Union for more of an academic hangout? Davidson already stated that "The planning team is concerned with the well-being of the students and their safety, not just the profits or benefits which would result from the sale of alcohol in the Union." Keep your word and show us that is in fact the goal. If these students are concerned with what other universities have and what we lack, then compare the quality of education! Instead of worrying where to get alcohol, worry about how to upgrade the education here to the Ivy League level.

And what about directing our energy towards our own education? You may not be a senior yet, but if you plan ahead, or when you approach your senior year, you will have more to concern yourself with than just finding out where to get beer or when to go to Circle-K and get a bottle before class. What about graduation requirements are they fair? What about core courses as some have argued, are they necessary? What about the bureaucracy and red tape here on campus and in all campuses? What about financial aid? How will many of you study without loans or grants subsidized by the government? The tuition is cheap when you can afford to pay it in full, in cash, and have thousands to spend each year for other necessities. How many of you are lucky enough to be in that situation? Some people think the education at the UA is dirt cheap ever wonder why other students take out loans and apply for Pell Grants? Realize that you may be able to afford it, but that does not necessarily mean it is cheap and everyone else can too. And don't forget that you can't afford it, your parents do.

Sus Mui

Political Science Sophomore

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