Sorority not acting as 'capable adults'


Last Sunday, while my son and I were at Sabino Canyon, I overheard a disturbing game being played by 30 or so picnicking sorority members. The leaders were asking the women to answer yes or no to a series of questions, the last of which went something like: "It is okay to have an affair with your boss," and was followed by great cheers of YES!

Two issues disturbed me about what I heard. One, as it did not seem to be a lesbian sorority, with women interested in relations with senior female bosses, I deduced that these and perhaps all sorority women assume that bosses are always men!

Second, the group obviously condoned relationships with male bosses. Does this reflect simply a thrill about capturing a potentially-married man? Was it some sort of anticipation of using sex to get ahead in their expected lower-than-male jobs? I do not know. In either scenario, it is clear that these women view themselves as something much less than college-educated, capable adults.

From what I witnessed, I have concluded that sororities would be more appropriately located at finishing schools than at institutes of higher learning. I look forward to being proven wrong by some reasonable explanation from the sorority or maybe all sororities if I am right that you all support such embarrassing female behavior.

Diana Glendinning, Physiology Lecturer

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