News 101; reader offers helpful hints


Oops! Seems the Wildcat has had a little problem of late remembering what a newspaper does. Here are some helpful hints, and although they are retrospective, perhaps they will help you in the future:

1. The story giving advice on how to avoid football game traffic would have been useful if it were run the day before. By the time I read it I had already driven to school.

2. Sen. Packwood resigned. Just thought I'd let you know since you seem to have missed the biggest thing in the Senate this year.

3. The Superintendent of Public Schools, Lisa Graham, wants to completely revamp (or undo, depending on your perspective) public schooling in Arizona. I figured since we do have an entire College of Education this bit of news might be interesting to some UA students.

I know you all are really busy and can't cover every story, but there is this cool thing called the wire service. They cover stories like this so you don't have to. I know you all subscribe to the Associated Press service, perhaps you should read it.

Asad Khan

Finance and Entrepreneurship Senior

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