Union's customer service needs improvement


I wish to complain about the lack of good customer service in the Student Union. I usually do not write editorials, and I usually remain a quiet member of society. Not this time! A recent incident prompted me to write and voice my anger and distaste at the Student Union.

It was last Thursday at 11:00. I had gone to the Student Union as always to buy my lunch and eat it there. The smell of Mexican food wafted into my nostrils and the urge for a bean burrito gripped me. I bought my food, picked out a small table, and began to read the 'Daily Wildcat' as I always did after class.

When I had recovered from the cashier throwing my All Aboard card at me a few minutes before, one of the Dining Service's employees aproached my table. She rudely stated that she had a party of eight coming in and that I had to leave. Although there were other bigger tables open, I quietly left intending not to cause a scene. I did not even finish my lunch.

I would like to point out that I was not making trouble and there were other bigger tables open. There was absolutely no reason to make me leave. I am a paying customer just like anyone else, and I have a right to sit in a public place. Just because a person has a party of eight arriving for lunch, does not give him the right to evict an upper classman from her seat.

From now on, I will get my food to go and eat it where I am wanted. The Student Union needs to learn more respect for its patrons. I know people who will not buy their lunches from the Union for that very reason.

Wendy Brown

Media Arts Junior

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