Perhaps new drug caused girl's amnesia


I read with interest the item (Police Beat, Sept. 12) about the young woman who was unable to remember the evening's events and wondered if she had been drugged in addition to having had "a lot to drink."

A couple of months ago, the Wall Street Journal carried an article about a drug that is becoming increasingly widely used that apparently has no after effects but that sufficiently curtails memory. Apparently, the victim can be persuaded to do things and go places and yet have no recollection of having done those things or gone to those places. The story in the Journal related events that had occurred to people in Colombia, South America who had been robbed and could not remember by whom or how. I cannot remember the name of the drug but if it is making its way up here to Tucson, it might be worthwhile to investigate this and warn students about it.

Jennifer Hesketh Aviles

Program Coordinator Academic Planning and Information Resources

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