Uncut cord justifies abortion?


In Friday's Wildcat, Shelley Cormier defended her belief in a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion. She defends this position by stating "a pregnant woman contains within her a fetus attached to her body via the umbilical cord, which makes the fetus part of her body a body over which she should have ultimate control."

In response to that argument, I would like to ask Ms. Cormier a couple of questions: Is she aware that the umbilical cord is not cut until after birth, and should abortion therefore be legal until that cord is cut? Or if abortion should be legal only when the umbilical cord is uncut and the fetus is still within the mother, should abortion be legal five minutes before the time of birth, even though the fetus/baby is fully developed and as human as you or I?

Vladimir Gagic

Microbiology Junior

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