Frank and honest, Handbook is a must

By Adrienne Walser

Arizona Daily Wildcat

"The College Woman's Handbook" should be on every woman's list of books to buy. It is full of everything any woman might need to know about college life. Freshman women who buy this book now will know as much as most junior and senior women who had to learn everything the hard way.

The two young women who wrote this book, Rachel Dobkin and Shana Sippy, are definitely in touch with all aspects of college life. They cover academic and financial concerns and also discuss social, health and political issues.

In fact, not only is it obvious the authors have done much research and interviewing of young college women, they give out resources and answers that are often difficult to find out about on a large campus.

This book is extremely honest and open, not shying away from frank discussions of sex. All you need to know about contraception is available, as well as information pertaining to choices surrounding pregnancy. The section on violence against women on college campuses provides not only step by step directions on how to deal with rape but also talks practically about becoming aware of potentially dangerous situations and people.

This book is very woman-positive and it caters to all kinds of women. Not only does it provide help in dealing with serious problems, it touches on many simple dilemmas such as dealing with roommates and changing your major. Reading it is enjoyable and easy due to its conversational tone,

its quotes from college women and the interesting sidebar statistics and info. Pick this book up, it will probably be the most useful book you have

bought at the bookstore yet.

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