Planning team seeks Union improvements

By Kerri Ginis

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The UA's Student Union Planning Team has just completed its vision statement in which it proposed recommendations for changes to the Student Union.

"Different members of the campus community came together to look at where the Student Union should go and what the Student Union should be in terms of food, programming and basic services," said Gilbert Davidson, undergraduate senator and planning team member.

The planning team was formed by Melissa Vito, dean of students, and Saundra Taylor, vice president for Student Affairs, in order to draft a proposal for the future of the Student Union, said Pamela Perry, assistant dean for the College of Business and Public Administration and chair of the planning team.

"The planning team wants to see how feasible it would be to improve the current Student Union and make it more accessible by trying to put more services for the students and, if at all possible, look at the options of rebuilding a new one," said Stephen Romero, ASUA budget director.

The planning team worked from last April to June and took data from the Eller School MBA Research Team, which surveyed various campus departments about what they would like to see in the Student Union, Perry said.

"I just think we need a lot more variety," said Darlene Rochin, elementary education junior. "The Student Union has been the same since I have been here."

Perry said that the plan

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