Sex means taking responsibility for unborn


I've found all the letters to the editor about abortion very interesting to read, but some of them missed some important points.

Abortion is not a question of women's rights. It is a question of protecting defenseless unborn babies. A fetus is a person. We all went through the same stage of development before becoming what we are today.

To be antiabortion doesn't mean to be against women's rights. In my opinion, there is no such thing as women's rights or men's rights, but there are human rights and these rights may be good as long as they don't interfere with who should and who shouldn't come into this world.

Once someone takes the responsibility of having sex, he or she must understand that this action can result in bringing a new life to the world. Therefore, he or she must be morally and mentally prepared to assume all the consequences. There is no reason to refuse to give the unborn babies the chance that our parents gave us: the chance to be born.

All kinds of violence involved with the abortion issue must be stopped. To me, that means that we must stop rape and incest against women . We must also stop the bullet of the antiabortion protestors as well as the gloves of the doctor (his or her bullet to crush the unborn baby).

Seydou Coulibaly

Range Management Doctoral Candidate

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