Tucson lacks promise


I am a college graduate who has spent the last two years in Tucson because I found decent work here. With the arrival of Microsoft many more college graduates with specialized educations might be considering the possibility of making a home here, too. However, I would suggest that such folks take a good look at the future of this town before making such commitments.

Aside from the five-month summers, which keep people indoors and dependent on water and air conditioning, Tucson is a sprawling, isolating town that lacks community and is developing in such a way that this trend is destined to continue. The public schools here are none-too-safe, and with a growing population of uneducated and disenfranchised people, crime is on the rise. It is easy to end up in financial trouble here, much of the work is seasonal, part-time or low-wage, and the wear and tear on autos as well as the high rate of auto theft here can leave people scrounging.

In short, I believe that Tucson is well on its way to becoming another Phoenix, and I have begun to seriously question whether a decent job is really enough of a reason to stay here for the long haul.

Eric Nissani

Undeclared Graduate Student

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