Leave assault cases out of 'Police Beat'


I have recognized that in the past two years, the Arizona Daily Wildcat has felt the need to publish the "Police Beat" stories. I realize that these stories are open to the public and therefore, the Wildcat has the right to publish them.

However, I believe that when these stories have subjects such as rape, attempted rape, assault and other violations of people, it would be in the best interest of the victims if these cases were withheld from the public. The problem that I have seen is that it aggravates the accused and can make life worse for the victims involved.

I believe that when the Daily Wildcat publishes these stories they are not only playing with the words in the report, but also with people's lives. I hope that in the future the Daily Wildcat will take the responsibility of protecting these victims into its hands and use discretion when it comes to these types of stories.

Sondra Boroff

Creative Writing Junior

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