The chronology of events that led to decisions regarding the fate of three university departments

April 1994

The Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee recommend the elimination of the Journalism, Statistics and Physical Education departments. These recommendations are forwarded to Provost Paul Sypherd.

October 1994

Sypherd said he would recommend to President Manuel Pacheco that the Journalism, Statistics and Physical Education departments be eliminated. The Faculty Senate and Arizona Board of Regents must review and vote on the recommendation.

November 1994

Members of the Journalism Department propose a merger with media arts and the creation of a school of mass communications.

January 1995

Pacheco said he is "inclined to approve" Sypherd's recommendation to eliminate the departments. Pacheco's final decision must go to the regents who can affirm or deny his recommendation.

February 1995

Pacheco's recommendation to eliminate departments is passed to Faculty Senate. The senate establishes three separate committees which have 90 days to review each department and its elimination process. The senate can approve, reject or take no action regarding the committees' recommendations.

March 1995

Student and public forums are held for the endangered departments.

April 1995

The Faculty Senate votes to approve the committees' recommendations that the Journalism and Physical Education departments remain at the UA. The president can affirm or reject the senate's recommendation.

May 1995

The Faculty Senate's statistics review committee affirms Pacheco's recommendation to eliminate the statistics department.

June 1995

The regents vote to close the statistics and physical education departments.

Pacheco will wait for a report from the Commission on Communications and Information before making a decision regarding the Journalism Department.

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