Computer theft still plaguing UA

By Michelle Roberts

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Internal computer components have been disappearing from computers across campus since the beginning of the summer.

Motherboards, memory chips and other internal parts were stolen from office computers in about seven campus buildings, university police Sgt. Brian Seastone said.

The thief or thieves open the computer, remove parts and then reassemble it so that employees are unaware that something was taken until they try to turn the computer on.

All of the robberies have taken place during the night or over weekends.

The robberies began in June. Parts were taken by someone who entered offices by coming through vents and doors.

Seastone said the robberies stopped near the end of July, shortly after the Summer Wildcat published a story on the robberies.

Memory chips, modems and sound cards began disappearing again about two weeks ago.

Seastone said the department believes the summer robberies were all done by the

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