It's 'the sisters' being racially excluded


In response to Eric T. Watkins' column in the Arizona Daily Wildcat ("Dating shouldn't be racially exclusive," Sept. 26), I would like to do several things. First, on behalf of my sister who bad mouthed your friends, I apologize. Secondly, as an African American female, I accept your apology. Thirdly, not speaking on behalf of all (quite a few, but not all) my sisters out there, I need to point out that you are suffering from the typical African American male disorder. When will you brothers learn to "Stop Blaming the Sisters"?

You are entitled to date whomever, whenever. However, don't neglect us sisters. Do you understand that maybe the negative vibe you sense may come from within yourself? Sisters can help you, you can thank them, but do you date them? It is interesting to note that the "only bit of advice" you can give is: A) get out B) accept the fact that we have a snowball's chance in hell of finding a brother who is willing to date us or C) let the brothers out there date other women, then maybe he'll get around to us later, once we've gotten to know him.

Finally, I would like to ask, "Who do you think is going to carry our pictures in his organizer?" Our brothers continue to ignore us, don't date us, and don't have our pictures in their organizers. If our own brothers don't find us adequate enough to date, who in Tucson will?

I agree that "dating shouldn't be racially exclusive." But also, I feel that we shouldn't be racially excluded when it comes to dating.

Your column shouldn't cost you any friends. But it is also time for my brothers to wake up. Lately, I haven't read anything in the Wildcat extolling African American woman.

Tina Johnson

Cultural Anthropology Junior

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