Peppers should keep their shirts on, mouths shut

By Fen Hsiao

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Yet another worthless album by this completely worthless band. Why these eternally shirtless morons insist on continuously releasing crap is beyond me. By now they must have realized that all their albums sound exactly the same, and they all sound like shit. This new album is not an exception.

As I listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album One Hot Minute, all I could think about was a pathetic Anthony Keidis parading around with his massive gut hanging out over his leather pants. I had had the displeasure of seeing their video earlier that night.

"Warped," the new hit single off the album, is an obvious attempt to sound like new guitarist Dave Navarro's old band. These Jane's Addiction wanna-be's should not only be ashamed of blatantly trying to rip-off a band but also of the band they are trying to rip-off. Yeah, I thought Jane's Addiction was real cool ... in junior high.

In attempting to really listen to the whole album, I became overwhelmed with a feeling similar to nausea and remained ill for two days afterward. Believe me, I know it wasn't a coincidence.

However, the few songs (and one was more than enough) did provide for some entertainment, though not worth the hazardous consequences. I got quite a number of laughs from just the names themselves, such as "Falling from Grace" and "Shallow Be Thy Name." These guys are so philosophical! Intellectual geniuses! Oh, give me a break.

And it just cracks me up that these self-proclaimed inventors of white-boy funk still persist in referring to themselves as part of an alternative generation. I think everyone knows, at least I do, that the only Red Hot Chili Pepper fans are alternative frat boys who proudly display their Red Hot Chili Pepper stickers on their jeeps in between their "Bad Boy Club" and Candlebox ones.

One Hot Minute pretty much describes the amount of time I spent listening to this album before reaffirming Red Hot Chili Peppers' crappiness.

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