ASUA granted GPSC approval for membership in lobbying group

By Zach Thomas

Arizona Daily Wildcat

GPSC's unanimous approval yesterday of ASUA membership in NASHE, a recently formed student lobbying group, marked one more step toward national representation of the UA student government.

However, a separate motion for $300 of graduate council funding for the membership never made it to the floor.

In its first year of existence, the National Association of Students for Higher Education is a nationwide group representing more than 20 colleges, universities and associated organizations.

"NASHE is going to focus on student issues," said Mitzi Forbes, alternate Graduate and Professional Student Council delegate for nursing and former GPSC president.

Two years ago, ASUA terminated its membership with the United States Student Association, a similar group, on account of its stances beyond educational interests.

"NASHE is looked at as an alternative to USSA," said Christine Thompson, director of the ASUA chapter of the Arizona Students' Association, which is already a member of NASHE.

"It will deal with issues relating only to higher education," added Brook Rosenbaum, ASUA federal relations director.

With the GPSC approval, the measure now moves back to the undergraduate senate which tabled a similar proposal last week.

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