Welfare a small cut


John Keisling's "It's Governmentman" column (Wildcat, Sept. 27) wasn't funny and tells only part of the story. In it, Keisling suggests that welfare of various sorts is destroying our nation. Keisling blames unemployment, education, support of the arts and welfare for teen mothers. Keisling omits the extremely high cost of our military spending and welfare for large corporations. Large corporations receive welfare in the form of tax breaks, price supports paid in cash (like tobacco) and outright grants.We spend a third of our annual federal budget on defense spending, about 7 percent on social welfare and about 15 percent on corporate welfare. Keisling would cut the smallest slice of the pie.

Keisling would have us believe that social welfare is the cause of our ills. But cutting welfare won't have a large effect on our overall budget. Cutting welfare also won't make poverty, unemployment, or medical emergencies go away. The Bible says there will always be poor people, and we should provide for them (Deuteronomy 15:11).

It does not surprise me when people lack compassion. It bothers me when they revel in it.

Bill Kornmuller

Accounting Junior

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