Labor Day weekend keeps UAPD busy with liquor violations

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The University of Arizona Police Department reported 11 arrests for liquor violations between early Thursday morning and the end of the Labor Day weekend.

Police arrested a resident of Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St., after they responded to a report of suspicious activity.

Lorenzo B. Cellini, 18, a resident of Arizona-Sonora, was arrested and charged with minor in possession of a spirituous liquor early Thursday morning after a resident called police to report a loud noise coming from a room down the hall. The resident looked in the room and observed a male subject sitting in a chair with his pants down, urinating.

When officers arrived, the subject was not in the room, but after a search of the floor, he was found in a men¹s restroom stall with his pants down.

Cellini said he had ³some beers² earlier in his room. After police checked the room but found no liquor, Cellini said, ³I sure thought I was in here drinking.²

After Cellini was told he was being arrested, he became belligerent and demanded ³some tests.² After the situation was explained to him, he was cited and released.

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Two students were arrested early Thursday after police were called to Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., in reference to minors drinking in a room there.

At approximately 12:10 a.m., a Resident Assistant observed people drinking in one of the rooms. When the RA started to open the door, one of the occupants tried to close it, and the RA then called police.

Police arrived to find three males and five cans of ³Bud Lite² on a bed in the room.

Chris R. Sandell, 18, the resident of the room, told officers it was his beer, but he did not drink any of it. He said he had a ³few beers² earlier at a fraternity party.

Sandall was charged with minor in possession of a spirituous liquor. One of the other men in the room, 18-year-old Shingo C. Kohara of the 1900 block of Beach Park Boulevard in Foster City, Calif., also was charged with minor in consumption of alcohol.

Both subjects were cited and released. The five cans of beer were taken into evidence.

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Police arrested an unknown man early Sunday on charges of illegal consumption, giving false information to a law enforcement officer and possession of a fictitious license.

Police saw the allegedly intoxicated man in a parking lot near North Fremont Avenue and Sixth Street and approached him to be sure he was not planning to drive.

The man told police he had ³a few too many.² When the officers asked him for identification, he said he had none and gave the officers a business card. One of the officers, however, observed an Arizona driver¹s license in the subject¹s wallet.

When officers told the man he looked under 21 and would be arrested if he could not produce ID, the subject said he would not answer any questions without a lawyer.

He was then arrested for false information and illegal consumption. Police searched the man and found the license in his wallet, along with a credit card under a different name.

The man was transported to Pima County Jail.

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UAPD reported several other alcohol-related arrests:

€ Edward C. Wilkinson, 19, of the 4300 block of North Homestead Avenue, was arrested and charged with minor in consumption and displaying a fictitious license plate.

An officer observed Wilkinson¹s vehicle travelling eastbound on East Speedway Boulevard near Cherry Avenue without tail lights. When the officer stopped the car, a ³moderate smell of intoxicating beverage² was observed.

Wilkinson admitted that he had one beer and was arrested for minor operating a vehicle under the influence, but that charge was dropped after a Breathalyzer test showed a blood-alcohol content of .000.

€ Bryan J. Adams, 21, of the 2600 block of West Diamond Road, was arrested and charged with drinking in public and suspended license in possession after he was seen walking westbound from East Seventh Street and Highland Avenue with a bottle of beer. He was cited and released.

€ Jason P. Tucker, 19, of the 4600 block of East Skyline Drive, was arrested for minor in consumption of a spirituous liquor Friday night after he was observed walking eastbound on Seventh Street carrying a bottle of beer.

Once he noticed a patrol car, an officer saw him drop the bottle on the street, breaking it. He was cited and released.

€ Jose J. Zarony, 18, of the 800 block of East Oregon, was arrested and charged with minor in possession at 3:50 a.m. Sunday after he was found motionless on a bench near Mabel and Martin Streets.

Zarony told officers he had been sleeping there since midnight. He was cited and released.

€ Israel Aleman, 25, of the 1200 block of South Craycroft Road, was arrested and charged with drinking in public Sunday night after he was seen holding a can of beer near East Sixth Street and Cherry Avenue. He was cited and released.

€ Rudolph B. Graf, 18, of the 2000 block of Mira val Sexto, was arrested and charged with minor in possession after an officer stopped the vehicle he was a passenger in.

The officer noticed an odor of alcohol, and Graf admitted to drinking beer. He was cited and released.

€ Marcus A. Papajohn, 19, a resident of Arizona-Sonora Hall, was arrested and charged with minor in possession after a Community Service Officer observed him holding a can of beer. He was cited and released.

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