Sigma Nu chapter defines UA 'tradition'


In response to Partick Moran's comment in the article on Greek Rush ("Standards of Greek life increase," Aug. 31), I must question his usage of the word "tradition." In particular, Moran referred to the fraternities located directly on campus as being more "traditional." Patrick, one question, have you ever heard the words, "Bear Down, Arizona?" I bet you have, but what you might not realize is that they were spoken by John Button Salmon, a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Maybe you've also heard of "Pop" McKale, Cedric Dempsey, and Sen. Robert Kasten, all of whom have ties to the Sigma Nu chapter that resides in the less "traditional" north neighborhood.

As vice president of public relations for the Intrafraternity Council, it is Patrick Moran's responsibility to be the spokesman for all the IFC fraternities. He has done a really nice job of telling Wildcat readers about the successes of his fraternity, Kappa Sigma.

I do not wish to deny Kappa Sigma their rightful place as the oldest fraternity on campus. However, I do not recommend that he ever make another disparaging remark about the fraternities in the north neighborhood, specifically Sigma Nu, the second oldest social organization on campus. We may not have an elevator in our house, but we do have tradition.

Devin Downey

Communications Senior

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