Astronomy student questions scope site


I feel compelled to write because I have seen nothing of an opposing view to the construction on Mt. Graham. I am an astronomy major, yet I do not share the view that an endangered species should pass away for the purpose of this telescope. Of all the places in southern Arizona to build a telescope, why choose one of the few places where life is in danger? Where are the people who believe that these squirrels have a right to a habitat as well? Obviously not in the Astronomy Department.

In this day and age, the world is being swallowed by science, technology and computers. If not for these environmentalists that you find annoying, nature would be considerably less than what little we have left today. When two telescopes have already been built, what really is the purpose of a third? To further increase the tourism of Graham County? Those that seem to think that the squirrels will be fine have forgotten the stress imposed upon wild animals by tourists.

The lack of emotion for natural beauty at this institution astounds me. You even go so far as to say that "the environmentalists are not only unnecessarily protecting the red squirrels, they are also robbing students of a valuable education." If it were unnessary to protect these squirrels in the first place, there would not be an issue. (You seem to have overlooked that fact, assuming that the peril awaiting these animals doesn't matter.) I also find it discouraging that you think the only place that these students can get an education is at the telescope. What, then, is the astronomy program on campus for? Isn't it ironic that the same scientists who once set out to discover beauty now seek to destroy it?

Jennifer Herweg

Astronomy Freshman

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