Article demonstrated 'world of make-believe' over Mt. Graham project


John McMahon's "news analysis" (Aug. 23) demonstrates the world of make-believe that has been created by Robin Silver in his frantic effort to derail the Mt. Graham Observatory and to impose his own radical agenda on everyone else.

The Congressional record shows that when Arizona's congressional delegation asked for passage of the Arizona Conservation Act it was to construct and develop an optimum observatory soon, and without harm to the red squirrel population. However last year's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals contradicts the intention of this act.

The fact is that the new site's impact on the environment is negligible, and that the squirrel population has grown since the construction of the two other telescopes on the mountain. The university's decision to change sites benefits the environment, yet Mr. Silver and his cohorts continue to object to its completion. Their legal action benefits no one; not the squirrels, not the university, not Tucson. They have perverted the Endangered Species Act ironically providing ammunition to its foes in their self-serving quest to stop this important project.

John Donovan

Biology Junior

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