Mediocrity leaves album flaccid

By Robert Breckenridge

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Superchunk is a mainstay of the modern alternative rock scene. They have been together for about six years, producing six albums and many singles and compilation tracks. Unfortunately, this vast experience hasn't left them with the insight, charm, or guts to save this record from mediocrity.

Superchunk reached their peak in the early '90s with the release of the hugely popular and endearing single "Slack Motherfucker." However, by the time their second album "No Pocket For Kitty" was released, their formulas were well known to all listeners. They produce a tepid guitar driven rock, that rarely reaches above the boiling point. Additionally, the use of minor wit and drivelling lyrics only serve to disance the band from music fans.

The new album is certainly rock based, but the desire to be pogo-oriented (as the promotional material suggests) goes unfulfilled. They are only a few steps above R.E.M. on the punk rock scale; and while that southern band initiated a genre that changed the course of modern music, Superchunk are only rehashing tired rock riffs.

The first single, and opening track, "Hyper Enough" does provide a minor element of pogo-ability, but the remainder of the album is flaccid. While there is some potential in songs like "Iron On" and "Eastern Terminal," the album doesn't deliver much emotion or lyrical depth either. Fans of Superchunk will not be disappointed, but this record is, overall, a mere twinkle in the world of rock music.

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