What's Not

This Week's Losers:

-Filter Short Bus - That's why I say, "hey, man, bad shot." Descendents of Nine Inch Nails, Filter is no shocking, new musical addition to the industrial scene. "Short Bus" is an industrial rip-off and lacks the patented Reznorian power punch. Great marketing tool, though.

-Alanis Morrissette Jagged Little Pill - This 20-year-old Canadian needs more than oral sex in a theater. What she really needs is a shrink, or some Valium. Taylor Dayne styled vocals with melodramatic Liz Phair-like sexual overtures proves for a less than convincing debut performance.

-Smoking Popes Born to Quit - Too bad for the Popes. Their major label debut was widely anticipated, especially in hometown Chicago. But, even the suave Sinatraesque vocals by Josh Caterer don't save this redundant album. Pop punk fed with awesome vocals, bad lyrics, cute harmonies. Good for the little brother or sister. Jason Fierstein

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