Death penalty a question of rights


Bravo to Adam Djurdjulov who bravely explored such a dissonant area as the death penalty ("Utilize death penalty," Aug. 31). Some ignore it while most nuke-up pseudo-philophical objections against it. Adam, on the other hand, brought out what seemed to be the bottom line when it comes to taking lives rights. Susan Smith ripped from two beautiful children the right to experience that miraculous thing called life. Once someone murders, their life is over. Once they've killed they have the capacity to do it again. Why ask why we kill those who kill to teach killers not to kill, in a society that can take advantage of the law? What sort of standard are we setting when we allow that much injustice go by? Could have the sentence been different if the suspect was a male or minority? In the least sense, what is the judicial system saying to women across America? I could go into asking what the difference is between Susan Smith's actions and that of a pro-choice activist. I'll leave it for Adam in his next article . stay tuned!

Jesus L. Garcia

Music Education Sophomore

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