On behalf of the faculty of the School of Music, its Advisory Committee would like to take issue with the recent 25 percent parking fee increase proposed by Parking and Transportation Services.

As we have recently been told we can possibly look forward to a 2 1/2 percent raise in salary after several years of none, the excessive increase in parking fees seems unjustified.

It bears consideration that the faculty of Fine Arts are among the lowest paid on campus and this is particularly punitive on our staff people, who are embarrassingly underpaid.

As Tucson continues to be a very "spread-out" community and many residential areas do not include a bus line, the automobile will continue to be the main mode of transportation. In view of diminishing funds, lack of budgetary support, non-existent maintenance on buildings, still-incomplete facilities after three years and a moonscape for landscaping, your arrogant fee structure is just one more reminder of a university that is very insensitive to its employees.

Elizabeth Mosher

Music Professor

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